New Customers

Why partner with J&J Ventures Gaming?

  • J&J Ventures will walk you through the entire Illinois Video Gaming experience from start to finish at NO COST, from application assistance, to increasing revenue for live gaming.
  • J&J is a family owned company located and established in Illinois since 1929. We have a large professional management team with years of street route management, as well as an experienced finance, marketing, IT and accounting staff.
  • J&J is the second largest licensed terminal operator in the State of Illinois for Illinois Video Gaming, not to mention its sister company J&J Ventures Amusements is the largest Illinois based operator of amusement devices.
  • J&J provides a large selection and highest quality of equipment and a variety of game sets that the Illinois Video Gaming industry has to offer.
  • J&J Gaming has cultivated and developed a strong brand that is recognized state wide by establishments and customers as one of great service, professionalism and industry knowledge.
  • J&J will provide guidance with all Illinois Gaming Board laws and compliance with IGB rules. Your / our gaming license is a privilege, not a right. Staying in compliance with the IGB requires staying up-to-date with rules and regulations. JJVG is here to help you manage your compliance.
  • Bally Multi Connect (BMC) Independent Monitoring System – We are one of two terminal operators that can track the types of games played most, when they are being played, net win per machine, etc. We use this information to determine the best mix of machines to help your establishment increase revenue. (Click here for a sample report.)


  • J&J Ventures Gaming prides itself on having the best service available in the industry. We realize this sole facet sets us apart from the competition in the Illinois Video Gaming market.
  • Multiple layers of service coverage along with a 24/7 call center to address service issues immediately.
  • J&J average equipment delivery after location licensing: 8 Days
  • J&J average location go live date after licensing: 18 Days
  • J&J average response time to service calls: 1 Hour
  • We have a large, experienced and talented group of locally hired technicians and collectors to service all your needs in a timely manner.
  • Service is critical to our mutual success. We understand that, and our 200+ licensed handlers / technicians take great pride in their work and response times. We are there for you.

Industry Leader

  • Proven track record of setting top of the line revenue generating gaming equipment, game sets and game room layouts. The right choices are made for VGT brands, redemption terminal type, gaming chair equipment and even the best spacing options to properly place your games to room design.
  • We are able to offer unparalleled comprehensive reporting and data analysis due to our Bally Multi-Connect System that is unique in the industry. This is a complex system that gathers our own independent data and allows us to manage each of our customer’s establishment data every hour of every day. It also allows us to verify the data provided by Scientific Games, the data center for the Illinois Gaming Board. Data is knowledge and knowledge is key to making the right gaming decisions for us both.
  • Our compliance team has qualified staff to assist you with all compliance related issues for the Illinois Video Gaming. This includes the filing of the federal DOJ form, licensing renewal, address changes of officers or ownership, handling of criminal incidents, etc. We stay abreast of all IGB rules and regulations and use that knowledge to assure you stay licensed. As stated before, we believe an IGB gaming license is a privilege and not a right.
  • We are currently partnered with several large gaming parlor and gas station chains throughout Illinois and are developing long term financially successful partnerships with them.
  • J&J Ventures Gaming has earned the reputation as the leader in the Illinois Video Gaming industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take until I have my gaming machines?
Typically, from application to live gaming, the process can take 3-4 months. In some instances a location can be licensed within a 2-month period.

How much money will I make from Illinois video gaming?
Currently, all live gaming location’s revenue is public record on We can help you research what your area and type of business tends to generate.

When and how do I get paid?
Flex Pay offers our JJVG establishments the ability to choose how often they are paid for their share of the gaming revenue. Flex Pay options include: Twice per Week (semi-weekly), Weekly, Twice per Month (semi-monthly), and Monthly options. To move to another Flex Pay option, email or contact your account quarterback. Payment will be directly deposited into the company’s account of your choice.

What type of fees do I have to pay for the Illinois video gaming?

  • Annual state gaming license is $100
  • Municipality fees vary from municipality to municipality
  • J&J Ventures Gaming will help you through all licensing fee processes

What are the qualifications for Illinois video gaming?
Applicants can qualify one of 4 ways:

  1. Retail (liquor pouring establishments only)
  2. Fraternal or Veterans Establishments
  3. Truck Stop Establishments:
    • 3 acres of property, 10K gallons of diesel sold monthly, truck parking, and convenience store
  4. Large Truck Stop Establishments:
    • in addition to the other requirements for traditional Licensed Truck Stop Establishments, an establishment must be:
      • located within 3 road miles of a freeway interchange and sell on average 50K gallons (instead of 10K gal) of diesel fuel per month.

What is the maximum number of VGTs permitted in a licensed establishment?
All licensed establishments can have up to (6) VGTs if allowed by the municipality. Licensed Large Truck Stop Establishments can have up to (10) VGTs.

How is the net terminal income split?
The state mandates the distribution of the Net Terminal Income. The distribution, based on percentage, is as follows:

 Before 7/1/197/1/19 – 6/30/207/1/20
Administrative Share0.8513%0.8513%0.8513%
Local Tax5%5%5%
State Tax25%28%29%
Establishment Share34.57435%33.07435%32.57435%
Terminal Operator Share34.57435%33.07435%32.57435%