Location owners are able to make additional income through Video Gaming, with the average location owner earning an additional $75,000 a year.

JJVG establishments have the ability to choose how often they are paid for their share of the gaming revenue, and it is directly deposited into the business account of the location’s choice. Our Flex Pay options include: Twice per Week (semi-weekly), Weekly, Twice per Month (semi-monthly), and Monthly options. To move to another Flex Pay option, email or contact your regional manager.

View your monthly revenue on the IGB website here.

Tips to Maximize Your Revenue:

  • Display marketing materials on the outside of your building, windows, doors or any exterior location to promote your video gaming.
  • Promote Video Gaming through promotional materials inside your location, including table top signs, posters and signage.
  • Create social media platforms to promote free soft drinks, free coffee, or free snacks exclusively for video gamers.

Key Performance Suggestions:

  • Privacy and discretion are key for maximum play. Private rooms, segregated rooms, and half walls are optimal to create privacy for your video gamers.
  • Provide your gamers free non-alcoholic beverages and food specials.
  • Adjust hours of operation to open mornings to capture early gamers. Open Sundays when possible.
  • Keep restrooms clean and preferably plan to create gaming area close by.
  • Modify lighting in video gaming area to be well lit, but not necessarily bright.
  • Employ engaged and friendly staff to accommodate your video players.