The Truth About Video Gaming in Missouri

the truth about vgt in missouri

Don’t let casinos silence small businesses!
Get the truth about VGTs in Missouri

Concern: VGTs will create 12,000 new “Casinos”.
TRUTH: Video Gaming Terminals are hardly a “Casino.” A bar patron is a different customer than a casino player.

Concern: Communities will be negatively impacted.
TRUTH: Communities depend on clubs and bars. Just ask the little leagues or community parades. Clubs and taverns have been financially supporting communities for decades. This will help them remain a vibrant partner with the community.

Concern: VGT’s will directly compete with casino jobs.
TRUTH: VGTs will create/retain a total of 21,668 jobs, generate revenue for small businesses, and all municipalities – not just the 10 counties where casinos reside.

Concern: Casinos will suffer.
TRUTH: Casinos have financial stakes in Illinois VGT routes.

Concern: Problem gaming will skyrocket because of VGTs.
TRUTH: VGTs exist today. For the first time, legislation will offer more than $2 million to help people who need it.

Concern: VGTs take money from the lottery.
TRUTH: Lottery sales in Illinois did not suffer because of VGTs. It suffered because of bad management and choices. The two are not correlated.

Concern: County and local governments will suffer.
TRUTH: Many county and local governments are asking for this – it includes local share for every county and municipality.

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