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appiconDownload the J&J Gaming mobile app for a quick and easy way to find an Illinois gaming location near you. Discover free play or other special promotions on our video slot machines. When you are near a J&J Gaming location you are instantly notified with promotional offers and redemption information.

Now available for iOS and Android.

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Mobile Gaming App FAQ

1. Q) How do I find a specific location?

A) When you are looking for a specific location by name on the Home screen, just enter the first few letters of the name of the location in the Search Bar above the locations list. All results matching the letters or name will be dynamically filtered in the location list below. The more letters of the specific location name you enter in the Search Bar the more precise the search results will become.

2. Q) How do I see locations closest to me?

A) The home screen shows you the closest 25 locations in order from closest to farthest. So the first location listed is the closest location to you. You can see an additional 25 locations by tapping the See More Locations button at the bottom of the locations list. Please note that your device’s Location Services (GPS) must be active for this location feature to work properly. (See question 8)

3. Q) How do I favorite a location?

A) Favorites enable you to easily save your favorite locations and make their contact information and details easily accessible in the Favorites screen. When you are on the Locations Detail screen where the location’s Name, Directions, and Hours are shown, just tap on the star icon that is next to the location’s name. The star will refresh and go from white to red. That location will now be listed in the Favorites.

4. Q) What is the Promos feature used for, and how do I receive Promotions?

A) The Promos screen shows all ongoing Promotions that are close to your current location when you tap on the Promos button. Please note that your device’s Location Services (GPS) must be active for this location feature to work properly. (See Question 8)

5. Q) What is the Inbox used for and how do I use it?

A) The inbox receives promotions happening at the location(s) you have favorited or local locations. When these locations have special Promotions you will receive a message in your Inbox. Tapping and opening a message in your Inbox will give you more specific information about the Promotion.

6. Q) How long will my messages stay in my Inbox?

A) Messages in your Inbox will remain for a set amount of time, which is controlled by each location and specific to each individual message. Generally, a message will remain until the specific Promotion contained in the message has expired or the message content is no longer actionable.

7. Q) Why don’t I receive any Messages or Offers?

A) Please make sure that you have completed the registration process and verified your email address. Once you are sure your registration is complete, please make sure your location services and push notifications are on. These can be found in the Settings area of your phone or tablet. Please note: Previously sent messages will not be resent once you have turned on your location and push services. You will receive all future messages sent by J&J Ventures Gaming.

8. Q) How do I turn on Location Services on my mobile device?

A) iPhone: Leave the J&J Gaming app. On your iPhone, touch Settings. Touch Privacy. Touch Location Services. Scroll down and touch J&J Gaming. Choose to allow locations access While Using the App or Always.

Android: Leave the J&J Gaming app. On your mobile device, touch settings. Touch Location. Depending on your device and version of the Android OS, make sure all options such as Location, Location services, and Location reporting are enabled. Select an accuracy setting. Note: The names of these options, menus, and menu items can vary by Android device.